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Love and Peace! *peace sign*

Was asked an awesome question today at work.

Q: Why is a duck?
A: Because one of it's legs are both the same.

What's the moral of the story?

Didn't really do anything today. Work was sorta busy being a Monday. Gonna bring a bookshelf in tomorrow. :D It'll be great!

Mah Birthday~
So I decided to post something because Gackt_Jihaku's been asking me to. XD
So today was my birthday. I turned 19! Waow. XD
Didn't really do much today. ^_^ Got up late, talked to Gackt_Jihaku, played WoW, and went upstairs to my Aunt's for supper. We had turkey! :D And potatoes and junk. *nods* It was all good. <3 Though I wish my fiance was with me.
I've gotten a lot of happy birthday's... which is unusual for me. So I guess thanks everyone!
And yeah... now I'm back... listening to music... and apparently I have sound clips from Gackt_Jihaku to listen to! Yay!
Gonna go do that nao.

Welcome one and all to this brand new site I just created! I call it... LiveJournal!
Oh... so now you're saying I didn't make it? It's been here a while? Liar. I just makeded it. *laughs*

Alright, so I finally made one... it's new and shiny! <3

I'm listening to the album "Blood Mountain" by the band Mastodon at the moment... it's pretty awesome so far!
Also talking to my fiancée, gackt_jihaku, and playing a bunch of random browzer-based games... :D Oh, and reading.
Re-reading some Star Wars books I own, nearly re-done the Thrawn trilogy...

Let's see... I guess that's all for now. o.o I've never had a journal-y thing before...

Writer's Block: Going to Extremes
If you were in perfect shape (not to say that you aren't), what would be your extreme sport of choice?
My extreme sport of choice would be high speed, upside-down, bowling. It seems so delightfully lethal to the people on he ground! XD


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